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The flowers that are delivered using our Keith Flower Delivery services have all be imported to us from our cultivators in Holland. Holland is a region in the Netherlands well-known for the premium quality of flowers grown there which means that our bouquets are composed of the best quality flowers. Combined with up to four deliveries per week from our Dutch suppliers, not only are our flowers of the best quality but they are also the freshest with a high longevity. This means your recipient will be able to enjoy their flowers for many days to come. Our Keith Florists work with a huge selection of flowers such as calla lilies, traditional roses, orchids, gladioli, delphiniums as well as many others. Our Keith Florists arrange the flowers in a sea of lush greenery such as pittos and eucalyptus leaves and filler flowers like gyp. Our Keith Florists arrange the body of the bouquet in a perfect dome-like shape which they then wrap in lovely papers, tissues and ribbons or alternatively arrange into a vase, box or even a cute teacup depending on what sort of finish you're looking for. Once your flowers have been arranged, our customers are able to use one of our Keith Flower Delivery services. We have our next day delivery service, standard delivery service which runs weekly every Monday to Saturday however we sometimes deliver on Sundays. We deliver on Sundays during high demand occasions such as Valentine's Day or for occasions that are larger scale such as weddings or funerals. We also offer our same day delivery service which is particularly handy for those occasions that have cropped up out of the blue or for those who like to spontaneously surprise their loved ones with a stunning bouquet or even just for those who are more prone to forgetting about certain events as it allows you to place an order and have it delivered on the same day. This means our Keith Florists arrange everything on the day so if you wish to use this service, your order must be placed before 3PM. This is to give our Keith Florists enough time to organise everything to their same high standard. We want our customers to be fully satisfied with the services we provide you with so no matter how big or small your request may be, we want you to know we do everything we can to fulfil it.

Flower Delivery at Keith

We not only deliver locally here but as we are part of the Interflora delivery network, we are able to deliver internationally. With Interflora we are affiliated with 58000 other flower shops worldwide so we are able to deliver locally, nationwide to all the far corners of the UK as well as abroad to over 140 different countries worldwide. So no matter where your recipient resides or where the special occasion is being held, we want our customers to know that we have your back covered. Both the local and international delivery drivers do their absolute best when it comes to ensuring your flowers arrive in immaculate condition by driving efficiently but carefully on the road to prevent any damage from occurring. When it comes to our local Keith Flower Delivery, we are unfortunately unable to guarantee specific time deliveries however we do have our AM and PM deliveries. This simply means we can deliver before 1:00PM and then after 1:00PM but asides from those two time frames, we don't want to make our customers promises we can't keep. We want our customers to know that everyone involved in our Keith Flower Delivery services - our florists, the delivery drivers and all other staff - want nothing more other than to provide you with the best possible service.