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Huntly Flowers Roses

Huntly Flowers provide all kinds of flowers for any occasion, however one that is proved most popular is the Rose. Roses are a very sentimental flower, they often symbolise love, romance and festivity due to seasonal colours.  

Roses are particularly a perfect gift for occasions such as anniversaries, valentine’s and other romantic gestures. They have a tendency to show how one truly feels, as ones love is said to be as perfect as a rose, as it even has its thorny moments. Roses in general are also quite a substantial flower with a slight fragrance, their petals are soft like velvet which add to the romantic essence of the flower.

Roses Huntly Flowers 

Huntly flowers offers different collections which provide hand-tieds, planters and other floral arrangements that include roses. We also added these spectacular flowers to gift sets to make someone’s day that little bit more extra special; these gift sets consist of chocolates, luxury champagnes, wines, cuddly teddies much more. We can arrange the rose with in vases, hatboxes or even just a simple hand-tied, the choice is entirely yours.