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lillies from Huntly Flowers

Lillie’s are one of the most popular and recognised flowers all over the world, and here at Huntly florist we have a great selection for you to chose from. Lilies are one of the flowers which have cultural meanings. These gorgeous blooming flowers have many meaning in differing cultures in ancient greek for instance lilies stood for tenderness. For Christians lilies are used a lot at Easter to represent the Virgin Mary. Whatever the occasion Huntly Flowers recommend lilies as a wonderful gift for any occasion.  Here at our Huntly  florist on our website there are many beautiful arrangements including or completely made up of  lilies.

Lily Bouquets from Huntly Florist

 There some things we at Huntly flowers recommend you thinking about when it comes to lilies.  Lily pollen when on fabrics such a clothing and furniture can stain as a cause of this Huntly  Flowers recommend taking extra care when handling these beautiful flowers. Unfortunately cats are allergic to the pollen from lilies so if the recipient of the flowers has cats we would recommend sending something else such as roses or something equally as stunning as lilies that won’t cause any harm to cats. Often lilies are delivered from Huntly Flowers before the lilies have opened; this is to ensure freshness and longevity to bring even more joy as you can see them blossoming in your home.