huntly flowers

Unwrapping your Flowers

Huntly Flowers supply flowers throughout the North East of Scotland; we are able to do this with our fresh supply of flowers that are ordered from Holland. Our highly trained floral experts then arrange these flowers by hand which are later sent to their designated receivers. Due to the freshness of our flowers, they may take up to 48 hours for them to be fully in bloom. This means that your flowers will last up to twice as long as your usual flowers. Of course there are specific flowers within your arrangement that may take longer to reach its full potential as each flower is unique in its ability to bloom. Many of our customers who purchase flowers from us have their own vase to put them in, in which case we recommend removing any extra greenery so as to not increase the development of bacteria within the vase. If this were to happen the bacteria would then contaminate the water the flowers are in and affect them to an extent where they might whither.  

Trimming your Huntly Flowers

Our florists here at Huntly Flowers always recommend cutting your flowers upon their arrival, giving your flowers the chance to drink as much water as they can so as to provide yourselves with longer lasting flowers. Without proper hydration the flowers are most likely prone to wilt, decreasing the life span and the time you could’ve enjoyed the flowers for. We recommend cutting of around 2cm just above the end of the stem and get rid of any extra greenery. Always cut the stems at an angle so as to allow the flowers to be able to drink more as more of the stem is exposed. Many customers have queried whether or not to smash the end of the stem – Huntly Flowers would not promote this idea as the water vessels residing within the stem could be damaged which would result in the flowers to not be able to drink the water efficiently.

Arranging your Flowers Huntly

Our florists suggest that once you have taken the appropriate time to carefully unwrap your flowers, prepare them and then select a fitting vase for them to be displayed in. If you are unfortunate as to not have a vase handy, do not worry as Huntly Flowers supplies vases, baskets and other containers that will keep your flowers looking every bit as beautiful as they should do. It is always best to ensure that the container that you use for your flowers is properly cleaned before placing them within it. We suggest lukewarm water to be added to your container of choice as this promotes the rate of growth. Our flowers experts make sure to provide you with all the necessary instructions in caring for your flowers, including a sachet of food that will aid them in their growth. This sachet should be added to the water, which once in the vase or other suitable container should be below the greenery so as not to increase the rate of bacteria that could possibly develop.

Temperature and Display Area

Temperature is an important aspect of ensuring the up keep of your flowers. If the flowers become too warm they will begin to wilt, however if they are too cold then their stems will be susceptible to damage. We at Huntly Flowers suggest as mild place to keep them, out of any direct rays of light and away from any heat powered objects. An uncommonly known fact about flowers is to make sure that they are kept away from any ripening fruit as the gases that are emitted can cause the flowers to age ahead of time.

For any more questions or queries that you may have about your flowers, please do not hesitate to contact one of our highly trained experts to give you advice on keeping your flowers looking fresher for longer.